What is Peg 100 Stearate?

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Are you a heavy user of the cosmetic products? Then you must be aware of a common ingredient known as peg-100 stearate. Lot of dermatology products is heavily loaded with this kind of ingredient. Though safe on the skin, this ingredient is commonly termed as the moisturizer.

The peg-100 stearate is natural oil combined with the Stearic acid. This forms a water soluble ester product. This product can also be made synthetic polymer which is made by combining the oxirant or ethylene oxide with the fatty acids. This combination is well used as the emollient in the beauty products industry. It has another impact on the skin as beauty care. This compound helps to clean the skin and hair. The cleaning is being done by helping the water to mix with oils and dirt and thus washed away.

Cautions to be taken for using it

To be cautious, it is not being considered as a sensitizer or an irritant. No irritation is caused due to its usage. Research has shown 100 % minimal irritation result by using this product.

But is it that much safe?

According to a study, a heavy usage of such products can cause many kinds of skin hazards. The stearate compound can be a hazardous compound which can cause diseases like the cancer, developmental and reproduction toxicity, breast cancer and organ system toxicity. The ethylene oxide is the main ingredient that can increase the risks of the breast cancer.

Know how to use the products containing the PEG-100

Experts always suggest that these types of products are a must No’s on the irritated skin. Broken skin is much sensitive to use this type of product. So it is always advised to be used on healthy skin.

But on other hand, this product is perfect to use on burned skin. This is the Peg- based anti microbial cream. But this treatment on excessive level can cause toxicity in the kidneys. So this compound is safe but unsafe on excessive use.

How the products help in cleansing?

While you are using the face wash or the cleanser, chances that it may have this compound. The mixture helps to combine the dirt of the skins to mix with the cleansing ingredients. So the cleansing is being done very fast and in proper way. Thus the skin gets clear of the dirt unclogging the pores of the skin. Whatever may be the product, face wash, scrub, or even a shampoo, Peg-100 stearate is a compulsory compound in the ingredient.

Consult with the doctor to use it perfectly

So knowing about the side effects and the advantages, always it is best to consult with the doctor. They can help to know about your requirement. After their approval to use the product, you can use it safely. After the recommendation, one can use it safely and purely based on the skin types. But whatever may be the requirement, peg-100 should always be used in small quantities. So that, no heavy effects comes over the skin.

So, next time when you use the cosmetic product, check the ingredients and look for the peg -100 component present in it.