Mardi Himal Trekking

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Mardi Himal trek, a recently opened trekking is best for outright three days above tree line on Mardi Himal edge with Machhapuchhre Fishtail Mountain View. This is a phenomenal trek of 12 days span. The total highlight is burning through three days over the tree line on the Mardi Himal edge with the most striking close up perspectives of Machhapuchhare, the Fishtail Mountain, the most lovely and shot mountain in the Himalayas after Mount Everest. Thinking back, you can see from Pokhara the majority of the path down to the fringe with India. The dawns are terrific, with the sun blasting onto the very tips of Machhapuchhare and the Annapurna extend.

In transit up to the edge amid this stunning trek to Mardi Himal, you will stroll through thick woodland and perhaps observe monkeys and yaks. Evenings are spent in cabins in clearings in the woodland and there are close-by perspectives to see the dawn over the mountains. The last day is a captivating exit along the valley through beguiling towns, finishing at a wonderful waterfall.

The edge prompts Mardi Himal summit (5,588m) just beneath the south face of Macchapuchhre. Be that as it may, you scarcely see Mardi Himal, as the perspective of Machhapuchhare above and the Annapurnas past is so amazing. You will burn through two evenings at high camp (3,800m) acclimatizing, and have the chance to walk significantly additionally up the edge until you can see into the frosty bowl amongst Macchapuchhare and Annapurna where Annapurna base camp situated, with Annapurna 1 towering above. The discretionary most noteworthy purpose of the walk is simply the base camp of Mardi Himal, settling on the lower south-bound incline of Macchapuchare among frigid pinnacles and icy masses.

The Mardi Himal trek gives you the most astonishing feeling of having been straight up on the top of the world among some of its most noteworthy mountains.

This trek is somewhat longer than the Poon Hill Trek yet has far less individuals, nearer sees and less strides. Having just opened as of late it is less outstanding. Spring and harvest time are the best seasons for Mardi Himal trekking in Nepal.


From Mardi Himal trek offer you heavenly perspectives of Mt. Dhauglagiri 8167m, Mt. Annapurna 8091m, Annapurna II 7937m, Annapurna III 7555m, Annapurna IV 7525m, Annapurna south 7219m Hiunchuli 6441m, Machhapuchhare 6988m and so on.

Mardi Himal trekking is less touristy trekking trail in Nepal

When To Trek?

Mid Sept-October – November is Autumn Season: this is Nepal’s pinnacle and best time to go trekking. Walk – May is the second best period of year to go trekking. December – January – February: the skies are clear however it can get extremely frosty and there is a danger of passes being shut because of snow fall.

May – June: This is Nepal’s hot pre-rainstorm season and it can get warm in reality. The valleys however are beginning to blossom with blooms however green leaves come up, still a decent time to trek.

June – Mid September: this is Monsoon season and the minimum prominent time to go trekking in Nepal. The danger of parasites, storms increments extraordinarily. Because of the early forested territories leeches right now of year in Mardi Himal are very dynamic! Wear long trekking pants tucked in right now of year.


There has been a myth seeing Mardi Himal Trek as the troublesome trekking. Mardi Himal Trek is quite recently simple. On the off chance that you have appropriate trekking hardware, an all around arranged schedule, legitimate strategic support, you will effectively reach to the Mardi Himal base Camp before you know it. Keep in mind that acclimatization is the key component however you are not going such a high trek. Indeed, even an amateur explorer has gone to Mardi Himal with no trouble from our trekking organization. An aggregate of 45km separation is secured with a normal strolling hour for every day of 5 to 6 hours. There will be some lofty climb and plunge through rocks and stone strides. Continuously travel light. We offer watchman to convey your pack in the event that you are in a family or a gathering (on the off chance that you require them).